Frequently Asked Questions


Please first check here before contacting us. If you do not find the answer to your question or it doesn’t solver your problem, please contact support@awakeningfeminineleaders with ‘Support’ in the email subject line. Please tell us exactly what the problem is so we can help you. We’ll do our very best to respond within 24 hours.

1) I have registered for the free series, but don’t seem to be receiving email updates.

Please check your spam box, as sometimes emails may go there. If not, simply re-register again & if you still don’t receive them, please email us at the above address. Please also ensure that you have added our email address to your contacts & ‘whitelisted’ us, so that you can continue to receive our updates and receive the password to access the call replays.

2) I’ve registered for the Heart-Action upgrade package but I haven’t received any emails yet.

Firstly, you should have found your way through to the thank you page with a link and password to access your package.

However, you should also have received an email asking you to confirm your registration to our email list for those who have upgraded. It’s important that we can email you with important information that is relevant to your package. Please check your email and when you find it, please click on the link inside and this will confirm your registration so we can then send you the emails related to your package.

If you can’t find an email, please also re-check your spam box as per (1) above to see if is it in there.

If you have tried both solutions & you still haven’t received your email, please contact us at the email address above with Support for Heart-Action package in the subject line.

3) I’ve registered for the Heart-Action upgrade package but I can get access to the webpage.

There are a few reasons your link might not be working.

1) Problem with your browser/local computer. Firstly please refresh your browser as often this is a local computer issue. The best way to resolve it is to close everything down and restart your computer. You might also need to try a different browser. You can also try copying and pasting the link into your browser.

2) Passwords entered incorrectly. Remember there are two webpages and a different password for each page. Check your emails for this information and make sure you enter the passwords in CAPS as it’s case sensitive. Often a capatcha will come up as there are a lot of people trying to access the page and so this is a security measure but sometimes capatcha’s have glitches and require patience. Again, close down or refresh your browser to start with, then go through the process again.

If none of these actions help, please contact us at support@awakeningfeminineleaders stating exactly what the problem is and what you have tried to do to resolve it.

4) I arrived at this site without registering and want to receive emails about the event.

If you found your way here without registering first, please go to http://acalltostand.net/2014/  and register for FREE. You will then receive a confirmation email and once you’ve clicked on the link to confirm you’ll receive further emails from me.

5) I’d like to upgrade ~ please can you tell me more about how the fundraising works?

100% of the profits from this series are going towards TreeSisters’ invaluable work and our other Wisdom Mentors causes.This is a perfect opportunity to take your stand and give back through your receiving.

All our mentors have all agreed to share their experience, wisdom and insights free of charge so that ALL profits can go towards these important causes.

Depending on who introduced you to A Call to Stand, you’ll be:

  • EITHER supporting Tree Sisters in planting 50,000+ trees in 2014 to help reforest the tropics.
  • OR contributing to one of six other amazing non-profit event partners – each of which is taking a stand for essential social and environmental change.

AND you get to choose from 3 different gifting amounts, depending on what you can afford.

CLICK HERE to upgrade to our Heart-Action Package and support our causes.


Back soon with more questions!