Circle Agreements

Facebook Community Circle Agreements


Dear sisters – this is a list of agreements that I use in my programme – The Wisdom Quest. Given the nature and depth of sharing in our facebook group I felt it would be helpful to share these with you.

I invite you to read and take in as a reminder to us of the need to maintain a safe, loving and transformative space for our journey together. These are not set in stone but act as a guide for us to contemplate what is needed for each of us to be present in and engage authentically in our Facebook community together.


I agree to CO-CREATE SAFETY and trust

We are learning to co-create a empowering container for our journey together. We want to be able to experience being in a safe, confidential space to share openly. We ask that at all times, we withhold from sharing any information about another woman or her experiences, verbal or written, without her express permission.


I agree to SHARE AUTHENTICALLY from my heart

We are learning to share authentically from the heart, so we ask that we share as openly and honestly as we can from our own experience and willingness to be vulnerable. We give space, with non-judgement and awareness, to all our feelings, thoughts and experiences as we learn to express ourselves powerfully and authentically.


I agree to LISTEN RESPECTFULLY and seek understanding

We are learning to appreciate our diversity and the unique experiences and wisdom that each of us holds. We ask that we read and listen with compassion, non-judgement and respect for each individual’s subjective experience and actively seek to understand their perspective, regardless of our personal views.


I agree to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for my energy and experience

We are learning to take responsibility for own energy and experiences and so we ask that we have our first attention on ourselves, which means understanding and taking responsibility for our own experience in relation to what is being shared, rather than making judgements about another person and their experience.


I agree to FOSTER EMPOWERMENT in myself and others

We are learning to appreciate and access our inner wisdom and empowered selves, so we ask that we support one another’s learning by encouraging each others’ wisdom and clarity to emerge rather than fixing with advice (unless specifically asked for).  For example we can appreciate someone’s experience, what’s touches us, what questions it evokes and reflect back the power we see in their share, the insight it wakes up in us and offer our gifts by sharing our own experience of how we have dealt with and learned from a similar challenge in the past.


I agree to BE GENERATIVE in my relationships

We are learning to be ‘heart-centred’ and evolutionary in our leadership and so we ask that we practice relating to ourselves and each other with compassion for what is present, willingness to learn and in generative, life-affirming ways that serve our individual and collective evolution. If we need to challenge someone else’s behaviour we agree to do so with love and care for the other person’s well-being and growth.


I agree to REMEMBER PURPOSE and foster creative possibility

We are learning to follow our purpose and calling and recognise ourselves as change agents and feminine leaders who have a significant role to play in the evolution of consciousness and culture. We ask that we help one another to stay on track with our collective purpose, to realise our potentials and make our best contributions to life. We do this by seeing each other as empowered feminine leaders and relating to one another within a shared vision of creative possibility.


I agree to MAINTAIN INTEGRITY and keep the energy clear and bright

We are learning to create a wholesome experience of our empowered leadership together and recognise our Wisdom circle as a place to foster learning and growth and build healthy, trusting relationships. We ask each of us to refrain from any direct business promoting activities. We also ask that we each take responsibility for keeping the energy clear and bright in the circle by clearing up any interpersonal issues that may arise within the circle. Please ask Joey for support if you need help with this or if you notice something that is problematic but not related to you.


I agree to ENGAGE WHOLEHEARTEDLY with the content and the circle

We are learning to commit to and engage wholeheartedly in our own process of learning and transformation and in being authentic feminine leaders. We recognise the collective nature of the transformative journey we are on, that our experiences are often impersonal and that we need one another to grow into being our most authentic selves.