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First, here’s what to expect from stepping into this
Feminine Wisdom Circle

A message from Joey:

Thank you again for taking this step towards embracing your feminine wisdom and stepping into your true calling as a feminine leader. Over the 28 days starting on May 1st, you’ll . . .

  • be inspired and supported through live discovery conversations with over 16 of the world’s wisest feminine change leaders.
  • connect with the energy of thousands of women just like you, each of whom is waking up to her own calling.
  • experience the inspiration and encouragement that comes with knowing each woman in the circle is also responding to her heart’s desire to make a difference.

The experiences and insights our wisdom mentors share will help you to answer that deep inner call for change you’ve been feeling in your heart. Together with all the women in the circle, you’ll water the seeds of transformation within you so you can step up, step out and make your unique contribution in the world!

Heart Forest-v2Next Step – Check Your Email:

You’ll shortly receive a welcome email that will explain exactly what you need to do to access all the wisdom that our mentors will share. That email will include:

  1. Full details of how to access the calls
  2. A link to the schedule of calls and website
  3. Your invitation to join our Private Facebook Community

Once you’ve received it, please take a moment to mark the date and time of each call in your calendar . . . That way you’ll make sure that you won’t miss any of them.

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Here’s what to do if you’d like even more support or can’t make the live calls . . .

We understand that each woman is at a unique place in the journey of taking her stand. So we’ve created an optional A Call To Stand ‘Heart-Action’ package to offer extra support. This package helps you to integrate your learning and take the heart-inspired action you long for with:

tick  MP3 Downloadable recordings of all the discovery conversations

tick  4 x 90 minute live Wisdom Integration Circles with Joey and guest hosts (Thursdays at 7.30pm BST starting 8th May)

tick  An amazing range of additional bonus gifts from our mentors and sponsors worth over $1000

tick  3 x Live Transformational Workshops beginning in June (with Joey Walters, Clare Dakin and Alisa Starkweather)

PLUS remember, you can make a real difference NOW . . .

Because ALL event profits go towards our wisdom mentors’ six inspirational non-profit campaigns, you will be taking a powerful stand for their essential work.

  • Firstly, you’ll be helping our primary event partner, Tree Sisters, to plant over 50,000 trees in 2014.
  • Additionally, your upgrade may also contribute to one of the non-profit organisations led by some of our other wisdom mentors.

100% of the profits from A Call To Stand’s ‘Heart-Action’ package will go to our wisdom mentors inspirational social campaigns.

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Where might you need extra support to step beyond your resistance and take your stand as a feminine leader?

  • If you sense the difference that life is calling you to make, but aren’t sure how it’s supposed to look . . . you’ll want more insight, more clarity and more trust around what your gifts are and how you’ll contribute them.
  • If you’ve started to create the change you’re called to make, but keep finding yourself blocked and unable to move forward . . . you’ll want extra tools and strategies to help you
    move beyond your stuckness, and transcend old, fear-based limiting patterns.
  • If you’re already taking courageous action, but need to find a new way of leading that honours your feminine wisdom . . . you’ll want an even clearer understanding of feminine leadership models that honour your authentic self expression and self-care needs.

Or, you might be simply be unavailable for some of the calls you want to participate in, and want to access them later on.


Heart Forest-v2

Here’s how A Call To Stand’s ‘Heart-Action’ package can help you take heart-inspired action to follow your calling . . .

tickIf you’d like more in-depth connection and exploration . . .

tickIf you’d like to experience not just the energy, but also the active collaborative support of other women in the Wisdom Integration Circle . . .

tickAnd if you’d like to dig down more deeply into the themes and insights that our wisdom mentors have shared, and make them relevant to you . . .

You’ll love our weekly Live Wisdom Integration Circles, with Joey and co-hosts

These 90-minute interactive integration calls provide a space for you to really explore the themes and insights that have been emerging during the calls each week.

They’re a chance to explore the core questions we are holding and delve into the relevance and meaning the themes have for you as an individual. Not to mention an opportunity to connect and build relationships with other women in the Integration Circle. They’ll even provide space for mentoring support.


If you can’t make any (or all) of the live call times . . .

tickIf the calls take place at a time you’re unavailable, or you’re in a different time zone . . .

You’ll love being able to download the MP3 recordings and listen at your leisure

You’ll have access to recordings of every single discovery conversation with our wisdom mentors. You’ll also have access to recordings of the core sections of the Wisdom Integration Circle calls.

These recordings are yours to download and listen to whenever it’s convenient for you. You can listen to them over and over again if you choose to, gaining new insights each time.

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… you’ll love Clare Dakin’s bonus
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tickStop living in the past or future and say goodbye to the addiction of constant ‘doing’, easily come into your ‘being’ and ground yourself in presence . . .


You’ll love . . . Getting Here Now: Grounding, Rooting and Expanding Series – from Elayne Doughty!
This wonderful 3 part guided audio series is specifically designed to help you get here now! In each meditation you are guided through a process to bring all parts of yourself to the present moment.An essential tool as you move towards taking heart-inspired action!



NOTE: When you upgrade, you’ll also have the opportunity to be part of something far bigger

Life always calls us to take a stand on two levels.

The first is an inner stand for ourselves: a self-loving stand for our inherent value. It’s a stand to flourish with our true gifts and make a difference from a place of joy, authenticity and self-nourishment.

The second level is an outer stand: a stand for the external transformation we’re passionate about creating. A stand for the social and environmental healing that happens in the world when we step into leadership and contribute our unique gifts.

Here’s the interesting thing: we all know that if we take a stand for ourselves we are more able to bring our gifts into the world . . . but it also works the other way – when we take a stand for something outside of ourselves in the world, it becomes easier to find the courage and motivation to step into our authentic leadership.

We mentioned when you first registered that A Call to Stand is not just a Feminine Wisdom Circle and inspirational teleseries, but also a Fundraising Event. Another way to take an external stand in the world is to find a stand someone else is taking that resonates deeply… and then STAND WITH THEM to contribute to it.




A Call to Stand has partnered with Tree Sisters for this event. Our dream is to help them plant over 50,000 trees in 2014 to help reforest the tropics. Planting these trees is a step towards reversing the effects of climate change and rebalancing the lives (and ecosystems) of communities throughout the developing world.

Your $97 upgrade will automatically contribute to planting some of those trees. And depending on who introduced you to this series, it may also contribute to one of the other inspirational change-making initiatives below.

PLUS . . . you can also choose to contribute an additional gift – of any value you wish – to the work that TreeSisters and our other beneficiary partners are doing.

Upgrade now to receive . . .Heart Forest

tick  MP3 Downloadable recordings of all the discovery conversations

tick  4 x 90 minute live Wisdom Integration Circles with Joey and guest hosts (Thursdays at 7.30pm BST starting 8th May)

tick  An amazing range of additional bonus gifts from our mentors and sponsors worth over $1000

tick  3 x Live Transformational Workshops beginning in June (with Joey Walters, Clare Dakin and Alisa Starkweather)


Want to know more about our Feminine Wisdom Mentors?

A Call to Stand brings together 16+ of the world’s wisest women mentors. Over the 28 days of this Feminine Wisdom Circle and Fundraising Teleseries, they’ll be speaking about a variety of topics through in-depth discovery conversations.

Click the arrow next to each mentor’s name for more information about her discovery conversation theme, and how it can help you take your stand.

week1Waking up to your seed of inspiration and saying YES to your Call To Stand.

This week’s discovery question:
How do we listen deeply to our own calling, trust it’s guidance and say YES to who we really are and what we’re really here to do?

In this week we’re opening up our discovery conversations with some truly inspirational social change leaders who have heard their call and are taking a stand for life, through courageous non-profit ventures that are enabling powerful humanitarian work on the ground. We’ll be exploring the myriad of ways that we can receive our calling and how to pay attention to the signs we receive. Speakers include:

Polly 150Spryte 150 Sheva 150 Clare 150

Clare Dakin

Life knows who we are and what we’re really capable of. I’ll share my journey from a resistance filled ‘yes’, to deep service and gratitude: what holds us back, the beauty and risk of surrender and the magic that can happen when we take our own breaks off.
In this conversation with Clare you’ll:

  • receive a direct transmission of lived courage that will speak to your heart and inspire creativity
  • find clarity and encouragement about how to listen to and trust your deeper feminine knowing
  • be able to try on a different quality of personal permission to have a go and move beyond fear whilst staying gentle with yourself

Clare is an Earth loving social entrepreneur, intuitive, inspirational speaker and group facilitator. She had 18 years of international experience facilitating, coaching business leaders and creating behavior change processes before shifting her focus towards the emergent feminine and nature based leadership. Clare worked for three years as the UK co-ordinator for a massive agro-forestry initiative in southern India called Project GreenHands (PGH) before a car crash that delivered her current mission. She has founded TreeSisters: a global women’s campaign to increase embodied feminine leadership and crowd fund tropical reforestation. She offers a radical framework of logic and flow that directly links the fate of the Feminine Principle to both the cause and the solution of climate change.

Sheva Carr

Are you a“student for life” seeking a method which scientifically validates, gives greater understanding to and helps integrate the bliss, joy,healing, greater purpose, meaning, clarity and love of spirituality in your day-to-day living?
Are you looking for a mainstream scientifically validated language with which to share the magic of love and peace as an ambassador of the heart with skeptical friends and family members, colleagues, in classrooms, boardrooms, hospitals, and more? Then this interview is for you!

  • Gain immediate access to the “guide inside”- a GPS guidance system within your own heart : “Google yourself” and your own heart’s GPS for all the answers and guidance you seek!
  • Dissolve stress and experience peace of mind anywhere, anytime no matter what your circumstances
  • Learn amazing facts about the heart of your being that inspire awe and wonder at how we and the world work!

Sheva Carr is the architect and Director of HeartMath’s HeartMastery Program, the CEO of Fyera! / Heart Ambassadors, and the founding Executive Director of the Fyera Foundation and Sunflower SunPower Kids. She is a Director and Delegate to the United Nations, and featured as a “love luminary” in Marci Schimoff’s New York Times bestselling book “Love for No Reason.” As a doctor of Oriental Medicine and HeartMath trainer, she has authored several books of her own (most recently “Being the Source of Love”). Through her alliance with Sheva helps to bring young Israeli and Palestinian woman together in retreat settings, and through social media. These women have become fast friends and global peace builders, living by the motto “An enemy is a friend who’s story you have yet to hear.” Sheva speaks to people all over the world on how to access heart intelligence and inner peace, in order to receive the benefits of the heart’s impact on consciousness, health, performance, creativity, and social change, to create cultures of personal and global peace.

Spryte Loriano

I feel there is nothing more valuable to a human being than knowing his or her potential and blueprint for accessing it. People say we don’t come with a manual – but we do . It’s all around us. We live in an age where there are no more secrets – information is available. Now we need to strive to make sure every person on the planet has access to the information of unlocking their greatest gifts.
In this conversation with Spryte you’ll:

  • How to say No so your Yes is authentic
  • How to manifest real daily Miracles and Prosperity
  • How to unlock your most powerful Feminine Role

Spryte Loriano is a highly respected transformational leader, business woman and humanitarian. An entrepreneur since the age of 23, Spryte Loriano went from being named Small Press Publisher of the year at 29, owning and operating a million dollar business, to losing it all by age 31. Penniless, she kicked her ego to the curb and started waitressing; it was there she began seeing her divine path to serve. Through a deep dive into personal growth and every healing modality she could find, she repositioned her work and life opening a physical and emotional healing practice with clients stretching from Beverly Hills to Santa Barbara. After being inspired by the movie, The Secret, she spearheaded a campaign that provided food to 1.2million hungry American children and co-organized the two largest single day food drops in our nations history with Feed the Children and the NBA Players Association. In December 2007 she cofounded a multi million dollar direct selling organization uniting Transformational Leaders like
Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Barbara Marx Hubbard and Lynn Twist, and providing over $1.5 million to humanitarian causes in its first year. Her work as a humanitarian has impacted over one million underserved children and individuals in nine countries. She now lives and works in post-war Liberia Africa with her beloved Man and Cairn Terrier.

Polly Higgins

Life knows who we are and what we’re really capable of. Speaking from the heart about what I deeply care about; creating laws that govern and end Ecocide.
In this conversation with Polly you’ll:

  • discover how to become a voice for the Earth

Polly Higgins is an internationally acclaimed author and lawyer for the Earth. Her work advocating an international law of Ecocide to prohibit “extensive damage, destruction to or loss of ecosystems” takes her across the world, speaking on platforms with peace-leaders, ambassadors and governments. Each and every one of us can be a voice for the Earth – the choice is ours. Polly shall be speaking about how she came to speak as a Voice for the Earth and how you can too.


week2Taking a stand for yourself and navigating the courageous inner path of transformation.

This weeks’ discovery question:
How can we stay connected to our feminine wisdom and navigate beyond the fear that can hold us back from sharing our unique gifts and taking a stand to live our true calling?

This week our wisdom mentors will take us on a deep dive into the transformational journey that we take when we say YES to fulfilling our calling and learn how we can begin to navigate the resistance we meet and align with our truer identity as we step up to make a difference in the world. Speakers include:

Elayne 150Chameli 150 WindEagle 150 Jewels 150 Alisa 150

Alisa Starkweather

We say ‘Yes” to showing up bigger, being braver and more visible in our lives, and then by surprise our “No” arrives on the scene. How we navigate between our small self that wants to remain safe and our big self whose ready for action, requires skill. Learn to risk without sabotaging or losing your forward momentum.
In this conversation with Alisa you’ll:

  • Learn to shift deep patterns of resistance and heal self-sabotage behaviors.
  • Shadow Work tools that will help renegotiate your relationship to inner critics so that your big and small parts of self cooperate.
  • What to expect in transformation and the importance of what steps to take when you are going through your own internal changes where your fierce feminine self is surfacing.

Alisa Starkweather, a visionary with formidable commitment to women’s leadership is the founder of the Red Tent Temple Movement, Daughters of the Earth Gatherings, the Women’s Belly and Womb Conferences, and the acclaimed women’s mystery school, Priestess Path founded in 1998. A certified facilitator of Shadow Work, ALisa is the co-founder of Women in Power; Initiating Ourselves to the Predator and Prey Within, an international women’s initiation. She is co-producer of the documentary film featuring her work, Things We Don’t Talk About; Women’s Stories from the Red Tent and has published in three anthologies. Answering the Call; Birthing Your Fierce Feminine Life represents her online work and she has three CD recordings of her chants and spoken word. With 30 years dedicated to the empowerment of women, Alisa is sure to move your hearts from love into action.

Jewels Lingfield

That the environmental (and political, social, financial) crises that we are currently experiencing is not the real problem, it’s simply a symptom of the real problem at source which is the supression, disconnection and violation of the feminine aspect in humanity. The cause if you like is the disconnect from the feminine is all of us.
In this conversation with Jewels you’ll discover:

  • A better understanding of what the feminine principle actually is and what feminine leadership looks like.
  • An inspiring, energizing and empowering perspective on the current global situation that speaks directly to women (rather than leaving women feeling hopeless, powerless and overwhelmed)
  • Guidance about what women can do NOW in their own lives that does not cost money that will give her a way to stop giving herself from an empty and exhausted place.

Jewels Wingfield is a powerful catalyst of change, a truth Seeker and a woman of deep wisdom. She is devoted and committed to contributing towards an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just world.

She is the founder and director of Living Love and has studied and trained in a wide and diverse range of subjects over the past 20 years both in the UK and internationally. She is one of the UK’s leading lights in conscious relationship, Sacred Sexuality, evironmental alignment and women’s empowerment. Jewels women’s work is renowned and is known for its revolutionary approach.

Living Love is a unique organisation. It is a synergy of 20+ years of personal experience, professional trainings and spiritual guidance. Jewels believes passionately that our own personal journeys into returning to our full potential is the most powerful and effective tool that we can bring to support others to do the same. This is the foundation from which she facilitates her work and continues to grow and learn. Her rich and varied background studies include: Conscious relationship as a path to awakening, Shamanism, Sacred Ecology/environmental work, Group, individual and couples therapy, Tantra and allied bodies of work related to Sacred Sexuality, Various forms of Ecstatic dance & somatic movement practices, Birth and regression work, NVC (non violent communication), drama therapy and more. Most recently she has trained with Alexandra Pope to teach the Menstraul cycle to women as well as with Miranda Gray as a Moon Mother for womb blessings.

She is also an acclaimed ‘One World’ music DJ and a Sacred ceremonialist. She has her own private therapy practice for couples and for women. She has lived in a tipi, close to nature on and off for most of her adult life and has always been involved in environmental and nature awareness campaigns and low impact living.

Jewels is an educator, a catalyst and a healer. She has a rare gift for creating transformational fields of energy within which people wake up. She brings to her work a rich alchemy of deep embodied wisdom, creativity, playfulness, warm earthy sensuality, maverick humour, fierce love and inspiring passion. Her integrity and generosity of heart creates a safe and healing space in which people from all walks of life transform through working with her. She is a natural group leader and has a wide following here in the UK. Jewels is 48 and is a mother to her 21 year old beautiful daughter who she says is one of her greatest teachers. She is currently creating The EarthHeart centre in the Forest of Dean to runs her program of workshops as the gift economy.

WindEagle Kinney-Linton

We live in the time of the Great Turning, and as women, we carry an important gift. In many of the old societies around the world that power is referred to as “Corn Mother”. This is a power to honor all that is sacred and holy, and to create a future that is filled with promise. From the perspective of
this timeless Earth Wisdom, WindEagle will help you:

  • See your life as a journey to remember who you really are
  • Balance of the feminine and the masculine within you as the foundation of your well-being
  • Learn from the ancient practice of the Women’s Council as model for embracing our collective wisdom

WindEagle, Co-Founder and Director of Ehama Institute, is a Lineage Keeper of an ancient body of Self Knowledge and Earth Wisdom Teachings called the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge. This ancient body of Earth Wisdom is the foundation which supports Ehama Institute’s mission to Mend the Sacred Hoop.
Heart Seeds, a message from the ancestors, authored by WindEagle and Rainbow Hawk, was published in 2003. This book recounts ancient oral stories of remembrance, calling forth relevance of ‘heart seeds” for both the present time and our collective future.
The World Foundation for the Discipline of Peace, a global expression of Ehama Institute was formed in 2007 to foster circles of people in communities and countries around the world in the learning and sharing of the Eight Universal Principles and Practices of First Peace.

Chameli Ardagh

In this class Chameli will share about the power of Dharma Shakti.
The longing to show up, to contribute with the unique flavor of you, is shared by all of life. Look at the flowers, the animals, everybody wants to take part, with all we’ve got.
So why do we make it so personal? Why do we make it about “being good enough”, or the “right moment” or “getting it”?
Here is a secret key, sister: it’s not really about you. You are being danced by something much bigger than you. In that moment of getting out of your own way, and recognizing that you embody a unique thread in the infinite matrix of life, you enter the stream of Dharma ~ the power to make your dreams come through.

  • To tap into and draw upon the evolutionary potential of your vision
  • Why your loyalty to your unworthiness is the biggest ego trip.
  • Learn from the ancient practice of the Women’s Council as model for embracing our collective wisdom

CHAMELI GAD ARDAGH is the founder of the Awakening Women Institute. She is a pioneer on contemporary feminine spirituality, and is inspiring women around the world through her breakthrough methods for awakening and empowering of women and girls. She is especially appreciated for her passionate love of mythology and storytelling as a method for illuminating our hidden strength and beauty. She is the initiator of a global network of groups for women, creator of two home study multi-media sets and author of 2 books on feminine empowerment and spirituality.

Elayne Doughty

What would make you move a mountain? What would truly move you to step outside of your comfort zone and take an action that is radical that your own life is forever changed by it?
I invite listeners into my own story of a radical wake up call- that asked me to change my own life, take risks and have courage to face my own fears in Passionate SERVICE to all other women on our planet. The world changes when we truly KNOW that every one of us matters and that everything we think and do matters. No matter how apparently small- your choice to wake up and feel and take action from your heart is what truly makes a difference.
The world is healed when we REALIZE that we are not a bystander and that everything we think, feel and do has the capacity affect everyone and everything..
In this conversation with Elayne:

  • Your presence is a gift- What you bring is needed- Learn about the Inner mountains that are in the way of you being the difference.
  • What would make you move a mountain? Be inspired, activated and ignited into deeply caring for what you care about.
  • Who you are is the potential of every woman (and man) on this planet- Discover the 3 steps to activating your own potential
  • You will change the world when you become a ripple of change . . .

I take a stand for every woman and girl to feel their power, know there beauty and magnificence and to Remember that they can make a difference by BEING themselves.
Let us be inspired by the vision of our world where we as women sit on the earth together and find our way back to a memory of what it feels like to be whole, to be healthy, to be full of self esteem and dignity.
Imagine yourself and all of your sisters, mothers, grandmothers and aunties… sitting in circles on the ground on the earth, remembering our power – remember our inner ability to heal, and in doing so, start to heal it all – one breath, one sob, one cry, one laugh, one dance at a time.
It’s the way we have always done it – and forgotten – the knowing of our innate Wholeness – our innate ability to heal is what science is proving and it is through awakening our own amazing inner sacred technologies of healing that we find our way back to our center.



week3 Turning your love into action and blossoming in your calling as a feminine leader

This weeks’ discovery question:
How can we co-create new pathways or structures that honour our feminine wisdom and help us to ground and share our unique contributions with the world without compromising our authenticity and wellbeing?

This week our wisdom mentors will be sharing their wisdom about nourishing, feminine ways to manifest and lead our callings that allow us to express our highest potential through our businesses, social ventures or change projects, as well as our day to day lives.

Miriam 150Leela 150 Cindy 150 Lynn 150 Kate 150

Dr Kate Siner

Dreams require DOING to make them real. Learn how to stay clear in your vision and true to yourself as you navigate the ups and downs of bringing your work to the world.
In this conversation with Kate you’ll:

  • Stay connected to your core and on track when working with others.
  • Move through fear and setbacks with grace
  • Make your most powerful positive impact (stop playing small!)

Psychologist, speaker, author and educator Dr. Kate has been called a true visionary who advocates for a much-needed shift in the world today. She has dedicated her career to helping people find and develop their own fulfillment and success by connecting to their true selves and taking powerful action.
Dr. Kate holds a PhD in Psychology from Saybrook University and has provided world-class training in entrepreneurial and personal development for more than a decade. Her business, Dr. Kate Inc. provides mentoring, retreats, virtual classes and more to help highly motivated individuals change the world for the better by transforming themselves.

Lynn Serafinn

In this conversation, Lynn will share the story of her own calling into social entrepreneurship and why she is taking such a strong stand for ethical marketing. She’ll share her empowering perspective on the true role of entrepreneurs in society and why it’s essential we embrace it as women. You’ll discover more about how the old paradigms of business and marketing have caused economic, social and environmental damage and learn:

  • How you, as a social entrepreneur, can get excited about the positive impact you can bring to the world
  • What the new, more ‘feminine’ paradigm of business and marketing looks like and how it helps us to be true to ourselves
  • How to embrace the powerful role of entrepreneur-leader in the new paradigm and make a real impact

LYNN SERAFINN, MAED, CPCC is a certified, award-winning coach, teacher, marketer, social media expert, radio host, speaker and author of the number one bestseller The 7 Graces of Marketing: How to Heal Humanity and the Planet by Changing the Way We Sell and Tweep-e-licious! 158 Twitter Tips & Strategies for Writers, Social Entrepreneurs & Changemakers Who Want to Market their Business Ethically. She is listed in the Top 20 of the Top Marketing Authors on Twitter by Social Media Magazine and was a finalist for the prestigious Brit Writers Awards. She also received the eLit Book Awards Silver Medal in Humanitarian and Ecological Social Affairs, as well as the Bronze Medal in Business and Sales. Lynn’s eclectic approach to marketing incorporates her vast professional experience in the music industry and the educational sector along with more than two decades of study and practice of the spirituality of India. Her innovative marketing campaigns have produced a long list of bestselling non-fiction authors through her company Spirit Authors. Lynn is also the Founder of the 7 Graces Project CIC, a not-for-profit social enterprise created to train, support, mentor and inspire independent business owners to market their business ethically, serve society and planet, and restore all that is best about humanity.

Cindy Schulson

Marketing can feel so uncomfortable and overwhelming, especially when your real desire is to share your passion with the world and make a difference to others. I’ll be sharing my story of how I followed my own passion and how to make marketing more natural so you can stand out in a way that is true to who you are. In this conversation with Cindy you’ll discover:

  • How to stand out uniquely from the crowd instead of just following the crowd
  • What kinds of messages you need for your business or project if you want to attract the people you’re really here to serve
  • How to make marketing more natural and authentic by taking an inside out approach to sharing your message

Cindy Schulson simplifies marketing for coaches and other solopreneurs so they can attract their favorite clients, earn more and make marketing easier.
Using her signature Package Your Passion system, Cindy helps her clients focus, share and package their unique gifts so they can build a profitable business they love.

Leela Somaya

I will share how to create business from inner wisdom and the divine feminine so you can give from your surplus and replenish yourself, other humans and the planet while giving. In this conversation with Leela you’ll discover:

  • 3 secrets to creating your business from a foundation of divine feminine self-care
  • How to invoke your Shakti energy so your life and business feels delicious, fun and easy, no matter what’s actually happening
  • The truth about effective business planning and abundant income … and how to create it the feminine way

Leela is an Unconventional Business Mentor, Transformational Strategist and Spiritual Lawyer.
Leela works with visionary women entrepreneurs – like you. Using the best feminine and masculine business strategies, she guides you in mastering your inner game so you can step into visibility with confidence and power.
Leela shows you how to go from vision to lucrative business, so that you can magnetize your tribe of dream clients, learn to sell to them in an authentic way and make consistent income doing the transformative work you were born to do.
Leela dares, inspires and guides you to bring your WHOLE SELF to business and life . . . instead of holding back or pushing down parts of yourself because they don’t “fit” into some mold.
She brings 15 years of Fortune 500 corporate experience and a lifetime of personal transformation and spiritual development to her mission of helping you to start and grow a visionary business that is profitable and transforms lives.

Miriam Mason Martineau

Motherhood and bringing our gifts to the world are often seen as separate, even opposing and incompatible paths. Miriam Mason Martineau argues that this split needs to be transcended, and that integration is possible, allowing for a much fuller expression of feminine care and leadership. In this conversation we will explore how parenting as a spiritual practice offers one of our greatest opportunities for transformation and contribution to the larger whole, as well as to the well-being of each child. In this conversation with Miriam you’ll:

  • Get clear on who you really are, and living from that source inspiration
  • Dispelling the myth, “You can have it all” and replacing it with something much more empowering and true
  • Build upon the foundation of a sacred contract with self and other

Miriam Mason Martineau is a mother, counselor, writer, and researcher. She has spent the last 20 years studying and applying Integral-Evolutionary theory, educational frameworks, and spiritual practice. Miriam holds an M.A. in Psychology from the University of Zurich, with specialization in Youth and Child Psychology, and has been working in private practice as an integral therapeutic counselor since 1995. She is presently writing a book on Integral Parenting called “Raising the Future” and is passionately interested in parenting as a spiritual path — both in theory and in practice. What a humbling and delightful adventure it is! She is vice-president of Next Step Integral, an international organization that brings an integral perspective to ecology, education, parenting and community. She lives near Nelson, BC, Canada, with her husband, Stephan and their 10-year old daughter, Adonia, whom they homeschool.

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tick  An amazing range of additional bonus gifts from our mentors and sponsors worth over $1000

tick  3 x Live Transformational Workshops beginning in June (with Joey Walters, Clare Dakin and Alisa Starkweather)


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Together with all of our Wisdom Mentors I look forward to taking this inspirational journey with you as we take a stand together!
Be courageous,
Joey x